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Daniel Spiljar 0649ac9320 Bump to version 0.7.10 and import of changes that have been made between
2003 and 2006 and haven't been tracked by any SCM.

The changes are the following, in reverse order:

* src/mboxgrep.h, src/main.c, src/mbox.c, src/mbox.h, src/scan.c:
Temporary mbox file (used for deleting messages) is now created
by tmpmbox_create(); tmpp global pointer is killed; portions of
code in scan.c are replaced by single call of mbox_write_message();
scan.c no longer includes zlib.h and bzlib.h.

* src/mboxgrep.h, src/main.c, src/maildir.c, src/scan.c:
Got rid off tmpp and maildir_count global variables (code

* src/mboxgrep.h, src/main.c, src/scan.c:
Introduction of the global runtime_t structure; mailbox counter,
MD5 hash and other global variables are now part of it (code

* src/mboxgrep.h, src/re.c, src/re.h, src/scan.c:
Portions of scan_mailbox() have been moved to new functions,
pcre_match() and regex_match() (code cleanup).

* src/main.c, src/mboxgrep.h, src/re.c, src/re.h, src/scan.c:
main() has been partially uncluttered by moving portions of the
code to functions pcre_init() and regex_init().

* src/main.c, src/mboxgrep.h, src/misc.c, src/misc.h:
Variables regex_s and haveregex are now part of the option_t
structure (code cleanup).

* src/main.c, src/misc.c, src/misc.h:
Parts of main() have been moved to set_default_options() and
get_runtime_options() (code cleanup).

* src/mbox.c, src/mbox.h:
File mode and ownership-altering code has been moved to a separate
function, tmpfile_mod_own (code cleanup).

* src/mbox.c, src/mbox.h:
Portions of the code from tmpfile_open moved to a new function,
tmpfile_name (code cleanup).

* src/maildir.c, src/mh.c:
Removed some unused variables (have_return_path).

* src/mboxgrep.h, src/maildir.c, src/mh.c, src/mbox.c, src/scan.c, src/main.c:
boxname, outboxname, pipecmd and tmpfilename are now a part of
the config_t structure and no longer global variables.

* src/scan.c, src/misc.c, src/misc.h:
Created postmark_print() to unclutter scan_mailbox().

* src/misc.c, src/misc.h, src/mbox.c, src/maildir.c, src/mh.c:
Some repetitive code moved to malloc_message().

* src/mbox.c:
Cleanup of mbox_write_message(); use of gzwrite_loop() and

* src/scan.c, src/wrap.h, src/wrap.c:
Wrote gzwrite_loop() and bzwrite_loop() to remove some repetitive
code from scan.c.

* src/scan.c:
md5_check_message(): array b and cast in strncmp are no longer

* src/info.c, src/mboxgrep.h:
Updated copyright information, changed author's email address
to the one at Panix.

* src/mbox.h, src/mbox.c, src/scan.c, src/main.c:
mbox_write_message(); further fixes of message deletion code.

* src/scan.c:
Fixed deleting messages from mbox folders compressed with

* src/main.c, src/mbox.c:
Moved James P. Dugal's ownership-preserving code from main()
to tmpfile_open().

* src/info.c:
If bzip2 support is compiled in, `--help' command should list
`bz2mbox' as a valid option to `--mailbox-format='.
2018-10-04 22:07:27 +02:00
Daniel Spiljar bd80cfbb4d Initial import into the new git repository. Back from the dead! 2018-10-04 21:28:05 +02:00