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Changes of mboxgrep

Changes since 0.7.12

  • Fix Automake macros to include the license file and others.

Changes since 0.7.11

  • Port to the pcre2 library (pcre1 is no longer supported).
  • Check command-line options for conflicting matchers and actions.
  • Various minor code cleanups.

Changes since 0.7.10

  • GNU Automake is now utilized instead of manually written Makefile.in files.
  • Code indentation has been corrected and documented (GNU indent is used for this purpose).

Changes since 0.7.9

  • development has been restarted after a longer hiatus
  • moved the source tree to git
  • fixed compile bug on FreeBSD and other systems
  • fixed deleting messages mbox folders compressed with bzip2
  • fixed multiple compilation errors and warnings on Linux and FreeBSD
  • started implementing a debug mode

Changes since 0.7.8

  • implemented support for mbox folders compressed with bzip2 algorithm
  • improved detection of PCRE library; this also fixes a compilation bug on recent RedHat Linux systems
  • fixed a problem with message deletion, which used to occur if an mbox folder and temporary directory were on different filesystems; thanks to James P. Dugal for providing a patch

Changes since 0.7.7

  • fixed crashes on MH folders, as well as a potential problem with mbox and maildir folders with the same cause
  • debugging with the dmalloc library
  • MH and maildir functions no longer read files which aren't RFC 2822 messages
  • mboxgrep can now read gzip compressed mbox folders from standard input (which is a side effect of a code cleanup!)

Changes since 0.7.6a

  • mboxgrep can now read mbox folders from standard input

Changes since 0.7.6

  • fixed a bug which prevented mboxgrep from being compiled

Changes since 0.7.5

  • fixed a bug which caused mboxgrep to coredump on recursive search of maildirs
  • code cleanups

Changes since 0.7.4

  • recursive search through directories has been reimplemented

Changes since 0.7.3

  • mboxgrep can now ignore messages with identical bodies

Changes since 0.7.2

  • file locking method can be selected at runtime
  • mboxgrep used to coredump on messages with empty headers; the problem is now hopefully fixed
  • mboxgrep now compiles on FreeBSD

Changes since 0.7.1

  • file locking with flock() instead of fcntl() is now supported
  • mboxgrep should now compile on systems which don't have getopt_long()
  • other minor bugfixes

Changes since 0.7.0

  • bugfixes

Changes since 0.5.3

  • NOTE: there was no stable version between 0.5.x and 0.7.x
  • mboxgrep is almost completely rewritten
  • implemented message deleting feature (--delete)
  • implemented piping messages to a command (--pipe) (using this option, each selected message is piped to a separate instance of the specified command)
  • added support for compressed mbox folders

Changes since 0.5.2

  • implemented ability to write found messages to another folder (instead of standard output)
  • started writing a real changelog (while this file has been renamed to "NEWS")
  • wrote a manual in Texinfo format

Changes since 0.5.1

  • implemented message counting (-c, --count)
  • fixed manual page installation target in src/Makefile.in -- manual page is now installed in $(manpath)/man1/ rather than $(prefix)/man/man1/
  • added --without-sense-of-humor switch to the configure script, which disables checking whether Garfield still hates Mondays
  • short version of --version switch is now -V instead of -v, because -v will be used for inverted matching
  • implemented inverted matching (-v, --invert-match)
  • implemented recursive search through directories (-r, --recursive)
  • config.h[.in] is now wrapped (#ifndef CONFIG_H and stuff)

Changes since 0.5.0

  • added support for qmail-style maildir folders

Changes since 0.4.0

  • the source of getopt_long() is now included, so long options are also available on platforms that don't use GNU libc
  • file locking is now performed on mbox folders only

Changes since 0.2.0

  • added support for MH mailboxes
  • added scope selection switches -B (or --body) and -H (or --headers)
  • getopt() (or getopt_long(), if available) is now used to parse command line arguments, instead of my own lousy routine
  • the configure script now looks for PCRE by default, unless --with-pcre=no or --without-pcre is specified
  • the feature of reading from standard input is gone
  • added -v (or --version) switch

Changes since 0.1.1

  • mboxgrep now puts a shared lock on a mailbox before reading it
  • various code cleanups

Changes since 0.1.0

  • fixed install target in Makefile (install is now used instead of cp)
  • added support for mailboxes generated by Gnus