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mboxgrep - selects e-mail messages matching a pattern

mboxgrep is a grep(1)-like tool which scans mailboxes and selects e-mail messages matching a pattern.

Full description of mboxgrep is contained in the documentation, which is provided both in manpage and texinfo format, to satisfy believers of both religions.

The author of mboxgrep is Daniel Spiljar, who can be reached via email dspiljar AT datatipp.se. Bug reports, feature requests and flames are welcome.

If you intend to bundle mboxgrep with an operating system (such as a GNU/Linux distrubution, for example), please drop me a line about it.

For build instructions, read the file INSTALL.md, and run ./configure --help.

This project aims to follow the GNU coding style, at least loosely. The code should be indented with indent -gnu -nut -ppi2.