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The TODO list for mboxgrep


  • use cryptographic hashes for detecting duplicate messages
  • add checking for conflicting command-line options
  • support for deletion of messages after being matched and displayed
  • ignore .overview when grepping Gnus folders
  • inverted matching
  • recursive search through directories
  • writing selected messages to a new folder
  • deleting selected messages
  • basic time and date matching
  • more advanced time and date matching, with strings such as "yesterday"
  • reading messages from standard input
  • run-time selection of file locking method
  • add a debug function

File formats, encodings and standards

  • migrate to pcre2, as pcre is obsolete
  • use a more modern hash function than MD5
  • MIME support
  • support for GnuPG
  • support for compressed mbox folders
  • support for bzip2 compression
  • support for XZ-format compression
  • support for mail folder conversion
  • improve error detection when a directory is not a Maildir or MH folder
  • document criteria for folder format detection


  • write Texinfo documentation
  • configuration files
  • make use of lockfile library
  • make use of Solaris' maillock library
  • provide possibility to use flock() instead of fcntl()
  • provide national language support with gettext()